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Sum up the past and look forward to the future

   Today, we held a working meeting on the summary at the end of 2019, the main purpose of which is to sum up and reflect on the past, look forward to and plan for the future. In the past year, we have made new breakthroughs in business and new growth in sales, but there are also many shortcomings. Today, the purpose of our annual summary work meeting is to reflect on the shortcomings of the past year. To overcome these shortcomings in the new year, we should also continue the advantages of the past year and continue to develop.
    2019 has passed, at this time of bidding farewell to the New year and welcoming the New year, looking back on the ups and downs of Qingdao Jade  New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in the past year, we have had setbacks, confusion and joy. In 2019, under the correct leadership of the company and the concerted efforts of all the staff, we have achieved good results by strengthening team building at home, actively opening up the market externally, increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, and daring to innovate. In our work, we arrange training regularly, and the weekly training is given by different people to check and fill the gaps in the work of the previous period, and it is better to teach each of us to fish than to fish. The training exercises the ability of each of us to co-ordinate our work. We also organize team building on a regular basis, and we go to the movies and have dinner together, which not only gives employees time to relax, but also increases the cohesion of the team, making us more United in our work.
   Since the establishment of our company, through hard work and hard work, we have provided first-class and advanced products for the market and our customers. In the future development, we will, as always, practice this value, integrate ourselves into the trend of social development, provide society with the best cost-effective products, advocate and carry forward advanced corporate culture, maximize economic and social benefits, and create greater wealth for society in making enterprises bigger and stronger.
   I hope that in the new year, we can create new goals, start from the heart, strive for our work, and achieve better results than in 2019.