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photoinitiator TPO-L

Photoinitiator has a wide market in the market, and the competition is fierce. How to stand out among many photoinitiators? Innovation and transformation is the last word. In view of this, Jiedejia launched a new type of liquid photoinitiator TPO-L. Compared with the common photoinitiator TPO, in the market, the absorption wavelength is basically the same, both are ideal film thickness UV curing initiator photoinitiation, but the performance of TPO-L has been greatly improved.
Photoinitiator TPO-L is a kind of liquid photoinitiator, which is mainly used in yellowing resistant system. It has excellent yellowing resistance, low mobility and low odor. It is especially suitable for UV curing with white system and thick film, and the curing speed is very fast. It is suitable for formulation systems with low yellowing and low odor. The following are the product pictures and technical parameters of photoinitiator TPO-L:

Product picture

Technical Parameters:
Product Type: photoinitiator 
Model: TPO-L 
CAS NO.: 84434-11-7 
Molecular Formula: C18H21O3P 
Molecular Weight: 316.33 
Appearance: Light Yellow Viscous Clear Liquid 
Content: 95.0% 
Chemical Structure:
Compared with the powder photoinitiator TPO,TPO-L, TPO-L is a liquid UV initiator used in acrylic resin and unsaturated polyester containing styrene. Because it is liquid, TPO-L is "easy to add" to all recipes. Because TPO-L absorbs long waves in the UV spectrum, it can also completely solidify coatings for titanium dioxide and flat coatings for titanium dioxide. As a result, the characteristics of the coating are very low yellowing. However, it is also sensitive to sunlight, so it is necessary to exclude the light whose wavelength is lower than 500nm when storing and processing TPO-L.
TPO-L shows good solubility in some common UV formulations, such as acrylate and unsaturated polyester system. Because TPO-L has a wide range of absorption, it can also be used for curing with white paint. In order to improve the curing effect of the surface, TPO-L is often used in combination with other photoinitiators, such as 184pj1173 and -hydroxy ketones. At the same time, TPO-L is a liquid UV initiator for unsaturated polyester containing acrylic resin and styrene. Because of its low volatilization rate, TPO-L is suitable for the production of low-odor formulations. The polymerizable part of the product can be applied to paints and printing inks by adding TPO-L at the proportion of 0.3%.
To sum up, liquid photoinitiator TPO-L has the advantages of low yellowing, low odor, wide absorption range and so on. It can be used in wood paint, optical fiber coating, plastic or metal surface coating, or other UV systems.