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  Compounded Technology, maybe many people dont understand what is going on. Give a simple example, concrete and concrete admixture. Two or more types of concrete from different brands and manufacturers are mixed together in different proportions, to make the working performance and durability of concrete can meet the higher demand. Concrete is a simple compound technical product.

 Compound agent mainly used in chemical products. Compound Antioxidant is one of them.

  The stability of the compounded components accords with the requirement that each component of the additive should have relatively stable conditions or keep relatively stable state in the compounded products, so that the performance of the compounded products is stable. Antioxidants are divided into main antioxidant and auxiliary antioxidant, usually in the production of products, the synergistic effect of the main antioxidant and auxiliary antioxidant can reach the effect of 1+1 > 2. Stability of compound ingredients. Each component of the compound additive must have relatively stable conditions or maintain relatively stable state in the compound product to stabilize the performance of the compound product. Synergy of Compound Components The characteristics of each component play complementary and coordinating roles after the additive is compounded, resulting in the effect of adding effects.

 The Songyuan product 417B currently sold by our company is a typical compound product. 417B is a compound property of 80% tri (2,4- di-tert-butylphenyl) phosphite and 20% octadecyl -3-(3,5- di-tert-butyl -4- hydroxyphenyl) propionate


The properties and uses of 417B produced by compounding will be greatly improved.

Provides excellent flow protection and color protection during polyolefin processing.

* Provide long-term thermal stability- Protect physical properties of end products during storage and use.

 * It can also enhance the stability of polycarbonate, ABS and polyester.