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New generation of flame retardant for polycarbonate ----JADEWIN KFBS

In order to meet the needs of our customers, JADEWIN produced KFBS, a more excellent flame retardant. JADEWIN KFBS is chemically and thermally stable to temperatures greater than 450C and is therefore suitable for use in engineering resins that require high processing temperatures. Flame retardant additive has been found an effective flame retardant in polycarbonate at levels as low as 0.06-0.08% by weight.

Due to the low levels required to achieve performance and its effective solubility in polycarbonate, additive can be formulated to produce an optically clear, hazefree grade of polycarbonate for extrusion and molding.

Excellent flame retardant performance can be achieved without affecting the processability of the resin. Additive does not contain any bromine or chlorine and has been found effective as a flame retardant without the use of synergists.

JADEWIN KFBS is extremely effective as a flame retardant additive with premium performance in polycarbonate at very low additive levels. There is limited data to suggest that flame retardant additive may have utility at varying performance levels and higher addition levels in other engineering resins. For most effective incorporation it is recommended the additive be initially dispersed into a 10% or more masterbatch and then compounded into the final plastic blend. Dispersion can be achieved effectively with typical polycarbonate processing equipment.

JADEWIN KFBS is currently mainly used in transparent modified PCs for flame retardant addition. Its advantages: less added, high efficiency.  Since the product does not contain any bromine or chlorine, it will not affect the transparency and initial physical properties of the finished product. It is a class of high-efficiency, non-toxic, environmentally friendly flame retardants.