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Solutions for PET FOOD Packing material against UV Radiation up to 390nm

Benefit from its colorless , odorless and no-toxic properties, Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) as new food packing material is a widely used as food packing containers.
From the initial beer packing to later Kitchen Condiment containers, PET is visible in all corners of like.
While how to block the UV Radiation has been big problem , limiting its application in some specific packing field like Fruit Juice, Tea, Milk,Vitamin and cooking Oil and etc.
Ultraviolet (290-400nm) is high energy radiation that could destroy common component like etrahydro-isohumulone and riboflavin in beers, Vitamin A ,Amino Acid and glycerolipid in Cooking oil, Vitamin and Biological enzyme in Cosmetics, bule#/1,red#/40, carotene and chlorophyll in pigment, citric acid and aspartame in fragrance. When these products exposed under fluorescent lamp and sunshine, the UV sensitive components get fragile and go decomposing. The contained products become turbid, Odor,Abnormal taste and shorten shelf life ,consequently damaging the quality and brand image. Therefore PET containers have high requirement standard for the safety and consistency of material.
To solve this problem, The R&D team of Qingdao JADE NEW MATERIAL has a new solution-to absorb all UV radiation upto390nm, that is JADEWIN UV390.
It overcomes these obstacles by unique UV Absorbing Technology. PET material with JADEWIN UV 390 could absorb all Ultraviolet below 390nm and provides an effective UV barrier allowing less than 10% UV light transmission up to 390nm, which could greatly extend the shelf life of packing containers and improve the brand image.
JADEWIN UV390 makes a big breakthrough against the shortcoming of traditional UV Absorbers which has to be added in high concentration and causing unwanted color stained, migration, plateout and odor.
JADEWIN UV390 is colorless odorless and has good thermal stability, compatible with most common resins. The homogeneous liquid appearance makes it can be easily dispersed into the resins or into the machines and process with good consistency, achieving high cost-effect.

JADEWIN UV 390 is FDA and EU approved additives that can be used in food direct contact material.

Compared with traditional UV Absorber JADEWIN UV390 has below features
*Wide UV Absorption range up to 400nm, less than 10% UV light transmission up to 390nm
*Extending the shelf life of container and products
*Low dosage, colorless, safety, superior aesthetic and no negative impact on recyclability and physical performance 
*High Cost-Effect, reducing the adding of UV Absorbers in packing material 
*High thermal stability that can be added directly in processing
*Compatible with most common resins, eliminate the possibility of plateout 
*FDA and EU approval for Food direct contact material 
*Suggested to be used in containers of all UV sensitive component like Fruit Juice, milk beer, red wine
*Medicine, personal care, home cleaning products, perfume container can also benefit from JADEWIN UV390