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New Generation Liquid Reactive UV Absorber Got Approval

The migration of UV Absorber occurred frequently in resin system because of compatibility, making the resin discolored and physical and aesthetic properties reduced.

To improve the compatibility of UV Absorber in resin system,Our R&D center developed a new generation Reactive UVA. Benefit from its active hydroxyl , it can be easily connect to the polymer as a chain, greatly improve the anti-aging property of Plastic,Coatings and adhesives.

And we tested the ultraviolet absorption and transmittance by international standard BS EN ISO12312-12013;ANSI Z80.3-2010;AS/NZS 1067,2009.

The test results showed JADEWIN UV 950 is wide range UV Absorber , peak in 390nm.Besides it has outstanding anti-aging properties can greatly reduce the gloominess, crack , bubble and discolor of coatings.