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About Jadewin

JADEWIN origins from JADE, which has stable and Excellent inherent quality.The Chinese praise JADE with characteristics of gentle and bright, precise and insistent.
Working in the industry of Polymer Stabilizers, we dedicate ourselves to supplying Fine Chemicals that quality as stable as JADE.
In Eastern Culture,JADE is compared to Moral. Being grateful to our career, not driven by profits, dedicating to Fine Chemical Industry thats our initial motivation and Philosophy.
There is a proverb, JADE without chiseling will not become a useful object. We are prepared to chisel ourselves all the time, listening to the suggestions of every clients , improving all related details like production,packing, warehouse,logistics and etc.
We are building an electronic B2B and B2C platform to reduce the purchasing cost and Finance Risk of the clients, achieving the aim that giving clients a guarantee of authentic products, 0% Finance Risk and service of free Changing and Refunding.
By introducing more new innovative products, we are trying our best to help polymer manufacturers achieve innovation and quality improvement.
JADE will help you WIN.


Address:No318 Longshui Road,Licang District,Qingdao,

Shandong Province,China.

Mob+86 17685522531